Social media promotions are a great way to maximize brand awareness and advertise your services. If done effectively, it can increase customer engagement, leads and conversions. Aside from attracting new customers, it’s a great way to engage your current customer base and foster their loyalty. Whether you’re having a contest, discount offer, or simply promoting your products and services, advanced planning is a must for maximizing your promotion’s potential.

It may seem intimidating to put yourself or your business out there, especially if you’re running a social media promotion for the first time. However, employing the right tactics can go a long way in meeting your goals. Here are some tips to get the most from social media promotions:


  1. Devise A Strategy and Set Goals To Measure Progress

Whether you’re looking to clear inventory, promote a new product, or maximize sales for existing stock, defining goals for your social media promotion should be your foundation. By clearly defining your goals, you can set targets and measure how well your promotion is performing.

Without targets, you can easily go astray and lose focus. Write a strategy and reference it often to remind yourself of the bigger picture. Keep track of your progress to make deductions and track trends for your promotion’s performance.


  1. Know Your Promotion Audience

Aside from knowing your product or service thoroughly, it’s imperative to know to whom you’re selling. This will guide the bulk of your creative output, such as visuals and tone of voice in your communications. Referencing social media analytics can help you to understand who frequently engages with your content and who is a part of your consumer base.

If you’re launching something new and expect your consumer base to expand, do research to understand the consumer profiles for similar products and services.

  1. Don’t Forget to Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are a cornerstone element of many social media platforms as it’s a tool to follow topics, keep tabs on public views, and group topic-related content. By utilizing hashtags, you can make it easier for consumers to find your business or information related to your promotion. In addition to using a hashtag for your business name, consider adding a special hashtag for your promotion.

When used strategically, hashtags can also bolster consumer engagement through a call to action. Whether it’s encouraging users to hashtag and share with a friend for a chance to win a prize, or featuring user-generated content on your business page, hashtags can make users feel connected to your business and a part of your brand experience.


  1. Re-Share Promotional Content, But Switch It Up

If you have an ongoing promotion, a potential customer may plan to partake but could easily forget. To avoid losing leads, think of creative ways to reshare or repost your promotional content. Whether it’s resharing with a quirky caption, posting another related image, or having a countdown till the end of your promotion, a gentle reminder can make a big difference.



By following these tips, you’re sure to keep your social media promotion on track and learn a lot about your business and customers in the process. Are you still intimidated? Buzz Media is here to help. We have a dedicated staff of knowledgeable marketing professionals that can assist your business not just with promotions, but other aspects of social media. Contact us for more information.


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