When first starting your social media pages, the big-ticket question tends to be, “How can I get more customers?” While many social media features are free or cost-effective, using them effectively requires a plan to not only attract followers but also to retain real-life, paying customers.

Wondering how to attract new customers to your business pages? Here are four (4) quick tips to consider.

1. Humanize your messages

While building your business, it’s easy to focus entirely on numbers, profitability and hard selling. However, the way you communicate with your consumers can make the difference between a lead and a conversion. Adopting a more humanistic tone of voice in your social media interactions can create an approachable persona that will be associated with your brand’s voice.

After all, it’s not only about fulfilling transactions but also inviting consumers to be part of a holistic, relatable experience.

2. Use compelling imagery

Because of the volume of content we’re exposed to on a regular basis, social media users are more inclined to scroll past content that may be informative but not necessarily captivating. The use of compelling imagery will not only engage curious users but may also prioritize your posts on social media feeds.

When curating compelling imagery, think of three (3) things: quality, aesthetic and intrigue. High-quality imagery reflects how trustworthy and strategic your brand comes across. When creating high-quality images, try as much as possible to keep a consistent aesthetic that could be easily associated with your brand. Keep images intriguing by using different angles, colour combinations and perspectives when capturing or sourcing content. That way, your consumer market would be more inclined to interact with your posts and make the transition to becoming customers.

3. Share or create engaging content for your customer types

If you’re trying to attract new customers, it’s important to define your ideal customer avatars. By doing so, you can create content that appeals to their personalities and lifestyles. By curating relatable content, you won’t have to try as hard to hard-sell your product or service. A synchronicity between your brand and your consumers’ values can not only attract new customers, but also create a brand following.

4. Post consistently and frequently

If you come across a business page on social media that doesn’t have up-to-date information or content, what comes to your mind? Maybe you question their credibility, or perhaps the quality of their work. Create a content calendar in advance to plan what you’ll be posting and when. This will ensure you show up consistently and build the know, like and trust factor with your followers.


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