The world of e-commerce has evolved into more than just exchanging money online. With a plethora of options available to merchants, true value is seen when companies offering an e-commerce solution provide a customized, holistic experience to their online payment solutions. When Buzz Pay was conceptualized by our CEO, he wanted to provide payment solutions that satisfy the needs of both SMEs and major corporations.

Payment Links are just one of the many powerful features that powers Buzz Pay. Merchants can create and share a link with a customer via social media, email, text message, or even WhatsApp. The customer clicks on the link and can pay immediately. It’s really that simple!

Payment Links can be used by any type business; even those without an online or mobile storefront. You can easily create and send links from the Buzz Pay Manager dashboard. It is a simple, 3-step process that is unique to local e-commerce. Does your business already have a website? You can seamlessly integrate the Buzz Pay API into your existing website.

But the value of Buzz Payment Links extends beyond their ease of creation. Businesses that need to collect cash daily will find the Buzz Payment Links feature not only very helpful, but efficient. Typically, the amount collected in cash has to be carried at the end of the work day to the bank, and then deposited into the company’s account. This means money and time are spent storing, safeguarding and transporting physical cash. Our Buzz Pay option allows your business to accept payments online, so that accounting and reconciliation becomes easier and hassle free. Our platform is Norton Secured and PCI DSS Compliant, which means that your money is safe with us.

It is also a very useful tool if your business is mobile and delivers merchandise to customers by accepting payment on delivery. A payment link can be generated either beforehand or on the spot, which is then easily accessible to the customer to pay instantly, and the delivery process completed with ease. Your business benefits from increased trust as the customer pays when they receive their goods, and your courier does not have to worry about transporting cash payments to reconcile with the accounting department.

Are you looking to raise funds for charity? Payment Links are an extremely fast and simple way of collecting donations from people not just in the country, but from those residing anywhere the world. Anyone with access to a credit card can send funds via Buzz Pay! This also means that the money is collected much more quickly, enabling your company or charity of choice to assist those in need in an even more timely fashion.

It’s our aim to live up to our mandate of providing universal payment solutions. We are extremely proud to share that we have inched closer to that ideal with the release of Payment Links as a solution in our Buzz Pay package of online payment services. Are you interested in signing up for Buzz Pay? Head over to the Buzz Pay page to get your business setup with Pay Links and explore the other services Buzz Pay has to offer!


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