Ever heard of the term ‘affiliate marketing’ If you follow any bloggers or influencers on social media, you’ve probably seen it in action. Affiliate marketing works by publicly endorsing or promoting a product or service and receiving a commission every time a sale is made from your referral. Sounds ideal, right?

It’s a great way to passively earn income while also developing a strong relationship with another brand through affiliation. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of approaching a brand or you’re looking for affiliates.


1. Affiliates should have significant social influence and have some similarity to your brand

If choosing an affiliate for your brand, consider influencers who have a significant social media following in a consumer base you wish to target for your product/service. Aside from the profit potential for both parties involved, a genuine interest and connection to your product/service from your affiliate will increase believability and evoke trust in your brand from their followers.

2. Market your potential as an affiliate effectively

If you’re a social influencer who’s passionate about a brand that you wish to publicly represent, present a strong case for why you’d be a great ambassador and affiliate. Aside from the content on your social media feeds, reference analytics such as numbers and type of traffic that your feeds attract.

Another great tactic is devising a potential marketing plan for the brand you wish to target for affiliate marketing partnership. This may include excerpts on how you intend to showcase and promote the product. By drafting a plan in advance, you may increase the likelihood of partnership with a brand that you love (provided they’re in search of affiliates).


3. Find creative ways to market to your audience

Because of the high volume of social media content nowadays, it’s easy for users to bypass advertisements or paid endorsements. Instead of creating the generic-type advertisements that we’re bombarded with on a regular basis, think of creative ways to showcase a brand such as through captivating imagery, videos or tutorials. By engaging your audience, you may increase the likelihood of peaking their interest which may then translate to actual conversions.


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